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Presented by the IU Arts and Humanities Council and inspired by legendary Hoosier author Kurt Vonnegut Jr., the Granfalloon brings together musicians, artists, thinkers, and good people from all walks of life for a celebration of art, ideas, and community. The festival kicks off the Bloomington summer arts season and highlights the creative spirit of our region by tapping into the enduring ethos of Vonnegut’s life and work: promoting civic engagement, encouraging independent thought, and championing art and creativity as essential to the spiritual life of individuals and the health of our democracy.

—Indiana University Bloomington

In partnership with the Indiana University Arts and Humanities Council, Dakota's team along with four others developed a branding campaign to promote the 2022 Granfalloon. Her team created a brand that reflected the festival's enthusiasm and liveliness while honoring the school's prestigeous reputation and the council members' vision.

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