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ServeDesign Summer Studio

This mill has a special place in my heart. The first time I ever visited I fell in love: with its scenery, the cozy atmosphere inside the mill, and the intriguing stories about how the mill came to be. The mill is not just a fun place—it’s also a highly educational site that includes a functioning artifact showcasing innovative and sustainable technology from the past. To top it off, the site was preserved and is maintained by the efforts of people who care about the mill very much.


From 2021 to 2022, Dakota participated in community engagement projects as a Creative Director, Project Manager, and Graphic Designer for the design team through ServeDesign Summer Studio. During the first summer, Dakota and her partner worked with the historic Beck's Mill of Salem, Indiana to research their wayfinding and signage needs. As their research advanced, they realized that the project was more than planning and composing an effective navigation system. They needed it to shift focus from simple practicality to visitor engagement and story-telling and as a result, it evolved into a Branding, Wayfinding, and Interior Design project. In the following summer, Dakota led, managed, and executed this comprehensive project, as well as a branding project for the Washington County Farmers' Market, and built a strong blueprint for the work to be continued by succeeding designers. 


Interior Photo - Britt Brewer

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